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The U.N. vs. Putin

by Greg Krehbiel on 10 April 2017

A somewhat random thought about the various troubles in the world.

1. Think of the kind of a man who becomes a leader at the U.N.

2. Now think of the kind of a man who becomes the leader of Russia, or China, or Ukraine.

The former is somebody who wants to get along and follow the rules and be nice. He wants to work things out in committee.

The latter is somebody who wants to use whatever power or influence he can to grab what he can get.

It’s a fundamentally unequal playing field. It’s like asking a Sunday School teacher to take on the mafia boss.

I think of this every time some hostility breaks out and the pope makes some sort of lame call for peace. It’s like the exasperated mother of rough and tumble boys. “O children, O children, please stop fighting. You make me so sad.”

My view of diplomacy was formed a long time ago by the Star Trek episode called A Taste of Armageddon. “The best diplomat is a fully armed phaser bank.”

2017-04-10  »  Greg Krehbiel