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It’s time to start busting up FANG

by Greg Krehbiel on 18 April 2017

My number one political principle is that no one can be trusted with power, so power should be distributed as widely as possible and the people with power should be watched like a hawk.

That doesn’t only apply to government. It also applies to private industry — to businesses, unions, associations, even churches. When government gets too big, those other entities need to knock it down. And when those other entities get too big, government has to knock them down.

Yes, even churches. Today it’s only hard-core weirdos who think the church is a threat to their liberty, but there have been times.

I don’t care who you are or how good your motives, if you have power you will abuse it. Period.

FANG — Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google — is already too powerful. It’s time to break up those companies.

We all know how much they know about us and how much control they have over our lives. This article highlights some things you may not know (e.g., how little they pay in taxes), and mentions the scary prospect of continued mergers.

Imagine if FANG was one company!

Break them up. We want thousands of tech companies, not two or three.

2017-04-18  »  Greg Krehbiel