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Step 1: speak extravagantly. Step 2: get annoyed when people aren’t fair to what you said

by Greg Krehbiel on 25 July 2017

Saying something outrageous is a good way to get attention, especially on the internet. But it’s not merely an attention-seeking ploy. It can put people off guard — which can be good. It’s an effective way to change the course of a conversation. But while the tactic has its uses, it seems to be overused these days. Especially online.

I do it too much myself.

I often find myself introducing a topic with a radical approach or opinion, and then softening it in the ensuing discussion to express what I really mean or believe.

On the positive side, that can be an effective way to shock people into thinking about something from a different point of view.

On the negative side, it’s also a good way to get people to put up their defenses and react negatively to everything you say. In fact, I think probably the more common reaction. So you have to be judicious in the use of extravagance.

But the real trick is when someone follows the procedure in the title of this post.

2017-07-25  »  Greg Krehbiel