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Plans for a cold weekend

by Greg Krehbiel on 5 January 2018

It looks like an indoor weekend, so I’m making a list of (possible) things to do. (Not that I would try to do them all.) What would you add?

Movies / TV
Listening to music
Cleaning up / organizing
Cooking / eating
Goofing off on the computer
Doing work on the computer
Practicing a musical instrument
Household upgrades / repair

2018-01-05  »  Greg Krehbiel

Talkback x 3

  1. William
    5 January 2018 @ 6:06 pm

    Adding to your list…

    -Quiet time with the wife
    -Write (start a new project or finish and incomplete one)
    -Explore a new hobby
    -Call or email old friends
    -Shop online for a new electronic gadgets or household items
    -Online tutorials for less routine functions of current electronic devices
    -Learn/practice finer aspects of digital photography
    -Host small social gathering with family/friends

  2. Robin R.
    5 January 2018 @ 6:39 pm

    I don’t have this problem. I just go on doing my work, which is always done indoors. Now if I ever have to spend a lot of time outside, that will be a problem. Whenever I leave the house I feel l’m idling.

  3. Greg Krehbiel Greg Krehbiel
    5 January 2018 @ 9:03 pm

    @William, good suggestions.

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