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Mick Jagger and my exhausting brain

by Greg Krehbiel on 1 December 2017

A friend just asked if I ever have moments where things are going well and I sit back, enjoy the moment and think, “you know, life is good.”

Of course I do, but it’s often not quite that simple.

For example, if I see a baby laughing, I enjoy it. It makes me laugh. But my annoying brain immediately interrupts and says, “you know that’s just a trick. You only enjoy that because it’s better for the survival of humanity if people are solicitous to babies. So your ‘enjoyment’ is just your biology speaking — tricking you into liking things for its own reasons.”

The same thing happens if I see an attractive woman, or smell or taste something delicious. Some part of my brain has to try to spoil the fun and remind me that there’s nothing inherently good-looking about a particular form. A leopard or a Hrossa or a Ferengi might not have the same reaction, or might find what I like disgusting. This is all just stuff coded into my genes to make me appreciate things that promote the survival of the race.

Yeah, my brain is a killjoy.

When this starts to happen I sing: “I know it’s only flesh and bones but I like it.”

2017-12-01  »  Greg Krehbiel

Talkback x 3

  1. Andrew
    2 December 2017 @ 6:02 am

    Sounds like you can’t get no satisfaction.

  2. Robin R.
    2 December 2017 @ 11:20 am

    Paint it black, I always say.

  3. Scott Wicker
    2 December 2017 @ 5:38 pm

    Because even the Devil deserves a little sympathy …

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