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How you can support this site

From time to time people ask me how they can support my blog. There are some minor costs associated with maintaining it, but it’s not a big deal. I don’t need your money. If you feel strongly about contributing, please buy a couple of my books, or recommend them to friends.

I write this blog because I need an outlet for all the thinks I’m thinking, and because I appreciate the dialog. However, I’m not trying to make a living at it, and I’m not trying to compete with the big blogs out there. I enjoy having a small group of readers to interact with.

To me, the point of this blog is somewhat like meeting friends at the pub for a pint and a chat.

But it’s always nice to get a new perspective, or hear from other people. Toward that end, here are some things you can do.

Share posts you like on Facebook, or … however you choose to do that sort of thing. (Twitter, Tumblr, email, … whatever.)

Comment on posts. You don’t have to agree with me, although I would appreciate it if we keep the discussion civil.

Mention this blog on other blogs if what I write here seems appropriate to the conversation over there.

Mention other blogs on this blog. If you read about something on another site that we’re discussing here, by all means link to it.

Recommend topics for conversation. If you read some news story and think, “This is just the sort of thing Crowhill would want to write about,” please send it to me.

If you’d like to write a guest post, let me know.