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Governor Hogan, no more toll roads!

by Greg Krehbiel on 28 September 2017

Maryland has a huge problem with infrastructure. We haven’t been building nearly enough roads, and this has been going on for decades. The backlog is tremendous, and Maryland residents suffer for it every day.

Fortunately, Governor Hogan wants to build new roads to ease this problem.

Unfortunately, he wants to make them toll roads.

Respectfully, Governor, among the top priorities of state government are two very simple and basic things: keeping the peace, and building roads. That’s mainly what we pay taxes for. Or what we want to pay taxes for.

We want the police and the judicial system to keep the bad guys from causing too much trouble, and we want to be able to get around town. All that other stuff is nice, but these two are essential.

I’m not saying the other things Maryland spends money on are unimportant, just that they’re less important than roads.

2017-09-28  »  Greg Krehbiel

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