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A funny quote from Wooster

by Greg Krehbiel on 13 March 2017

Bertram Wooster often finds himself in the odd position of giving advice to his chums on love and women. (It’s odd because Wooster doesn’t have a very good track record — unless you count getting engaged against his will on numerous occasions to be good experience.)

In an episode I was watching the other night (they’re available on Youtube) some chump friend of Wooster’s is complaining about the lecture the object of his affections had just given him, to which Wooster replies (something like) this:

You can’t credit what a gal says when she’s giving you Hell. It’s like Shakespeare. It sounds well enough but it doesn’t mean anything.

Ha ha. I wouldn’t know because gals don’t give me Hell. But I find it funny.

2017-03-13  »  Greg Krehbiel