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Frigidaire replacement surface element part 316555800

The dual burner on my Frigidaire stove went bad. That’s the one where you can turn on just the inside heating element or both the inside and the outside. It’s surface element part 316555800.

There are some good videos on how to replace it. Like this one, which covers the basics.

Unfortunately, the replacement part isn’t always wired the same as the original part. The new part has leads in the same positions, so you think you can just transfer the wires to the same locations, but … that didn’t work. When I plugged the stove back in it said an element was on, and it didn’t heat up. So … the wiring was wrong.

I looked around for some clues. On the back of the element — on those pale plastic pieces that the leads are connected to — there are little codes that tell you what the connections are. Follow those to make sure you hook up the wires correctly. (This is a lousy photo, but you can barely make out the 1b and 2b on the back, etched into the plastic. Image of replacement part 316555800.)

Here’s a little video I made about it.

Unfortunately, one of the wires wouldn’t reach to its new location so I had to splice in a new piece of appliance wire.