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It would be even worse if Trump were removed

by Greg Krehbiel on 1 December 2017

“Morning Joe” calls for Trump to be removed by Cabinet-led coup.

Trump is definitely a loose cannon and not “presidential” in the way we’ve come to think of that term. Or perhaps in any reasonable way to understand that term. But I don’t know what he has specifically done that would justify removing him from office. (Although let’s see what Mueller comes up with!)

Still, let’s say there is something. Let’s say Trump is mentally ill, and enough people in his inner circle believe that and think he can no longer serve. I’m afraid that removing him from office on such terms would be a big mistake — unless something is done to pacify the angst that put him in office in the first place.

Here’s the problem. A large portion of the public believes that “politics as usual” has been ignoring them and their concerns for decades. (It doesn’t matter if they’re right in that belief.) They feel beset and put upon by forces beyond their control, and the politicians seem (1) complicit, and (2) not willing to admit there’s a problem. The politicians will say everything is fine and the problems are all imaginary, when everyone can see for themselves that things are different. E.g., there are now (and didn’t used to be) dozens of foreigners at Home Depot every Saturday looking for pick-up work, foreigners taking jobs, etc.

You can come up with whatever high-minded ideas and justifications for this that you like, and you may be right, but it doesn’t matter. People don’t vote because of what’s right. They vote because of how they feel.

A large number of people can see America changing with their own two eyes, and they ask, “who authorized this? When did we agree to change our country so fundamentally?”

But that’s not all. They watched as Clinton, Bush and Obama did nothing to stop North Korea, and have been ineffective against global terrorism. Mostly — at least it seems this way — because they were afraid of confrontation. I know that sounds silly since we’ve been in a constant state of war for close to two decades, but it’s not silly. We seem to be fighting a war with our hands tied behind our back, and that makes people very frustrated.

People see their buying power deteriorating, their job prospects disappearing, and the future looking less bright than it ever has.

Meanwhile, their “representatives” just keep playing party politics. The people feel a huge disconnect between their lives and what Washington cares about.

Trump was able to tap into that feeling. (So was Bernie.) It’s a legit question whether he’s going to be able to do anything about any of it, but at least he understood and admitted the problem. People are sick of mealy-mouthed talk, beating around the bush and being diplomatic / politically correct. They were so sick of it that they were willing to look past Trump’s obvious problems and elect him. Which is a very remarkable thing. He was horribly unqualified and had lots of negatives. So clearly he understood something that everybody else was missing.

I think it’s very unlikely that Trump will be removed from office, but if he were — without addressing the angst that put him in office in the first place — you’re going to have a huge problem. And near as I can tell, the anti-Trump people still have not come to terms with why he won, and still don’t understand it. Not even a little.

2017-12-01  »  Greg Krehbiel

Talkback x 6

  1. Dave Krehbiel Dave Krehbiel
    2 December 2017 @ 8:50 am

    Donald Trump is an imperfect human being. He has faults and limitations and shortcomings.

    Fortunately, our Constitution was written with imperfect people in mind. We have checks and balances and separations of power and stuff like that.

    With regard to domestic issues (setting aside little things like war and nuclear weapons for a moment) I would personally prefer as President any person selected at random who operates within the bounds of the United States Constitution (narrow construction) rather than any self-described “competent” person who asks us to trust him or her and operates outside the bounds of the United States Constitution.

  2. RR
    2 December 2017 @ 9:45 am

    This is a great post Greg. I agree that Trump is a real piece of work. He is definitely horribly unqualified to serve as president. Still, it never ceases to amaze me how his fiercest critics fail to address the angst that put him into power in the first place. Economically, the working class has seen jobs disappear for decades. Likewise, wages for working and middle class people have been flat for decades, while the upper middle class and especially the wealthy have done very well. Then we’ve had multiple scandals (Clinton, etc.), the massive fraud around the 2008 crash in which few white collar criminals were punished, expensive and failed wars in the Middle East, terrorism, shoddy journalism, etc. And of course, with the exception of the post-Weinstein scandals, elites are rarely punished for their mistakes and even for their crimes. That’s definitely not the case for ordinary people.

    Is there any wonder that there is a considerable number of people in this nation who don’t trust anything that our elites do or anything that smacks of “mainstream” or “establishment” politics as usual? People were willing to try something completely different with respect to Trump because of “politics as usual.” Removing Trump without addressing the fundamental issues that led to Trump won’t really solve anything. In fact, it is possible it will bring to the fore an even worse figure. If things continue on this path, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same folks who complain so much about Trump today look back ten years from now and talk about how good Trump was compared to the new guy in power.

  3. Don
    3 December 2017 @ 8:21 pm

    {{In fact, it is possible it will bring to the fore an even worse figure.}}
    • Do you consider that a bad or a good thing?

    {{If things continue on this path, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same folks who complain so much about Trump today look back ten years from now and talk about how good Trump was compared to the new guy in power.}}

    • Are you someone who complains about Trump today?
    • Do you think you’ll look back into the past and talk about how these were the good days and how – compared to the new guy in power – President Trump was pretty good?

  4. Greg Krehbiel GregK
    4 December 2017 @ 9:44 am

    @Don, asking if a “worse figure” is a bad or good thing seems rather strange, don’t you think?

    I think we are spiraling down into deeper and deeper partisanship and division, and it’s only going to get worse. Trump hatred is hotter than Obama hatred, which was hotter than Bush hatred, which was hotter than Clinton hatred. And — unless there’s a change in course, which I hope there will be — the next president will be hated even more.

    We seem to be on a path that could lead to a dictator, or something like one.

  5. Don
    4 December 2017 @ 10:52 am

    @RR, I’m trying to get an idea as to where you are coming from.

    Do you believe our current state-of-affairs to be either entirely or mostly the fault of Democrats, liberals, the Left, &c ?

  6. RR
    4 December 2017 @ 10:29 pm


    No. I think both parties share some of the blame for the current mess. It’s also no accident that Trump is far from a mainstream Republican. In fact, part of the reason he won the Republican primary in what might even be termed a hostile takeover is because he rightfully denounced some of the horrible mistakes that Republican politicians made such as the Iraq War. Of course, he rightfully denounced Hillary Clinton’s highly unethical behavior as well.

    None of this is an endorsement of Trump, who is highly unethical himself. However, the fact that the leadership of both parties has been so horrible for such a long time is what made Trump possible in the first place.

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