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Eight reasons I despise feminism

… Pretty much off the top of my head, although it did take a minute to look up some of the links. (I made this a page so I can add links and such as time goes by.)

It’s founded on the lie that men oppress women. While it’s true that just about everybody is a selfish jerk — men manipulate women to get what they want and women manipulate men to get what they want — feminism tries to represent the history of humanity as the story of men oppressing women. That’s complete nonsense. Men are physically and psychologically designed to protect and provide for women and children, and they go to great lengths and pains to do so.

Picture the Titanic going down. The captain says “women and children first,” and the feminist grumbles, “stop oppressing me.”

The very fact that feminists can get away with their ridiculous grievances is evidence of how naturally solicitous we are of female complaints. We do the exact opposite of oppressing them. We listen to their concerns and try to help. (When men complain we tell them to quit being cry babies and to grow a pair.)

It’s founded on fundamental inequality and rights without responsibilities. Around the same time women were agitating for the right to vote, many of them were going around handing out white feathers to men who weren’t fighting in World War I. Think of the absurdity of that. Women wanted the right to vote, but they didn’t want the responsibility to register for the draft and get sent off to fight the Kaiser.

Pay attention and you’ll see this pattern again and again from feminists. They want the rights, but not the responsibilities.

It encourages antipathy to men and to motherhood. Feminists try to convince women that they’re not happy as mothers and homemakers, and they’d be so much more happy if they could do what men do. They promote disdain for motherhood and an attitude of hostility and grievance against men.

Feminists tell blatant lies. One in five women on campus are not raped. Women do lie about rape. And women are just as or more likely to commit domestic violence than men. But you would never know any of these things from the press because they’re afraid to say anything contrary to what their feminist masters tell them to say.

Feminism undermines public safety and liberty through affirmative action. By insisting that women be “equally represented” in professions, feminism undermines our safety and our liberty.

Female cops, firemen, FBI agents and (increasingly) soldiers are subjected to less vigorous physical requirements, which means the people on the job to protect and serve are less able to do the job than they should be.

The same applies to prosecutors, judges and other positions, but for different reasons. In the former case (firemen, etc.), women (as a group) are inherently less qualified because they’re smaller and weaker. That doesn’t apply to intellectual skills, like being a prosecutor or a judge. Women are just as capable in those things. But sex-based quotas ensure that less qualified people will be put in those positions. That undermines the integrity of the system, because the judge on your case is not necessarily the best qualified, but is the best qualified who can also check off the appropriate diversity box.

Feminism leads to increased power for the state. Society has a very strong interest in protecting women and children. Feminism can’t undo that fact of nature, but what it has done is shifted that responsibility from husbands and extended families to the nanny state. As more women enter the workforce, more children are left in day care, and that gets the state more and more involved. When marriages break up (remember that women file for divorce more often than men), the state goes after “dead beat dads” to collect money for the woman.

The feminist movement has caused the increasingly powerful state to (1) force men to provide for women (even when women leave or divorce the men), (2) provide for women when men aren’t available to do so, and (3) provide for children.

Feminism is inherently statist.

It’s a cauldron of contradictory nonsense. It simultaneously says women are strong and brave and can do anything men can do, but that they should be treated like delicate little snowflakes who can’t abide a contrary word. See Today’s college feminists are too fragile to read.

To be a feminist is to have such a malleable view of reality that you can be offended by anything, even if people are doing what you’ve been asking them to do.

Feminism = absurdity.

It promotes the murder of the unborn. A man can walk away from a pregnancy, so in order to enforce “equality,” women have to be able to do the same. That’s the twisted logic of feminism, which leads to the idea that both contraception and abortion are absolute necessities.

Feminism is an evil force because it undermines and destroys marriage and the family, which is the foundation for civilized society. Therefore feminism is a force that opposes civilization.

I explore these concepts in more depth in Eggs are Expensive, Sperm is Cheap: 50 Politically Incorrect Thoughts for Men.

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