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As a matter of first principles, I don’t want the government requiring employers to do much of anything that isn’t a matter of safety. I would rather have a system where companies and workers make their own arrangements in their own best interests. But we’re so far past that it’s hardly worth worrying about. The […]

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The EU is fining Alphabet (Google’s parent company) for favoring its own services in search results. Not that I’m a fan of Google, but this strikes me as a little odd. Google is a private company that offers a useful service. But it’s not as if they make users any sort of promise about the […]

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2017-06-27 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
SCOTUS decision on travel ban seems wrong

Trump is hailing it as a victory, but I see two big flaws in it. First, it doesn’t end this idea that some lowly district court judge can over-rule a decision of the president. That is wrong and needs to be ended. Presidential decisions need to be reviewed, but a district judge should not have […]

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This is worth your time: Some people hate Trump. More people hate liberals. The coastal elites who run the Democratic Party and liberal establishment cannot disguise their contempt for ordinary Americans. In Georgia’s 6th District, that smug, self-righteous sense of superiority played about as well as one might expect. Until the Democrats can learn to […]

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2017-06-22 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
No welfare for immigrants

Trump has floated the idea of barring immigrants from welfare for five years. I think that’s a very good idea. There would have to be exceptions in cases where someone suffers some sort of calamity, but as a general rule, we don’t want to import people who are a drain on our country. As I […]

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2017-06-22 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
I no longer believe anything I hear

Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But not by a lot. During the campaign we were told repeatedly — by people who are supposed to be experts in the words they choose to say — that Trump called all Mexicans rapists and murderers. That was a lie, but it was repeated frequently. Many of those same people […]

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2017-06-21 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Ann Coulter for press secretary

I heard that Sean Spicer is stepping down, or aside, or something, to be replaced by @RealDonaldTrump’s twitter feed. That’s the wrong way to go. If Trump wants to have any success at all, he needs to abandon the idea that Democrats will ever cooperate with him. They won’t. He needs to admit that to […]

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2017-06-20 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Feminist memes are confusing

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2017-06-19 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Are the super-rich a threat?

Jeff Bezos is $5 billion away from being the world’s richest person Is it right that Jeff Bezos can buy The Washington Post with what is, to him, probably the equivalent of a night out with the boys? My basic political principle is that you can’t trust anybody with too much power, and wealth is […]

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2017-06-18 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
“The Healing of America” by T.R. Reid

Don asked me to read two chapters in “The Healing of America” — chapter 8, on Canada, and the appendix, on “the best health care system.” I just got the book and have read the two chapters. Don and I come from very different perspectives. Generally speaking, I am suspicious of government and of centralized […]

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2017-06-18 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Father’s Day and the war on reality

I saw a YouTube video recently where a woman was chiding other women for not fancying nurturing men. The reasoning went like this. Almost all male CEOs have a full-time care-giver at home to watch the kids. Female CEOs usually don’t. They have to make other arrangements. That gives men an incredible advantage in the […]

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I had lunch with an old friend today and we got on the topic of political polarization, and what might reverse it. My friend said he was watching some commentator on TV and thought, “this guy is really smart. There’s no way in the world he actually believes the crazy stuff he’s saying. It has […]

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2017-06-14 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Instant news vs. real news

The stories that come out immediately after a crisis are almost always wrong. But that doesn’t stop people from pontificating about it — with phony details that will be changed tomorrow.

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I don’t know if Mueller is going to be fair or not. I seriously doubt that he can be. I’m not sure anybody can be fair in this poisoned atmosphere. But Trump should fire him, for one, very simply reason — to show that Donald J. Trump is not part of the Stupid Wing of […]

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I saw Wonder Woman last night, and I enjoyed it. Despite some feminists foolishness (which I’ll get to), it was very well done, and very enjoyable. My biggest complaint about super hero movies is that they stretch credulity too far. Obviously you have to suspend disbelief to some extent — e.g., when Wonder Woman picks […]

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2017-06-09 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Living in the land of snark

Why is it that everything these days has to be so rude? Sometimes it seems that in order to become popular you have to be obnoxious, over-the-top, snarky, insulting, profane, , ill-mannered, loud …. It’s not always true, but it seems true too often. Like that John Oliver character. He annoys me. Or Bill Maher. […]

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One of the ways the catastrophists mislead people about global warming is to say “it’s just physics.” I.e., CO2 is a greenhouse gas, so if you increase global CO2 you will increase global temperature. That’s just science, and if you disagree you’re anti-science. (So they say.) That’s deceptive because CO2 isn’t the direct cause of […]

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2017-06-07 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Two ways to promote minorities

I’ve been at a professional conference the last few days, and for whatever reason there has been a lot of talk about promoting female leadership in the industry. These kinds of things tend to rub me the wrong way. Encouraging leaders is a good idea, and it’s also a good idea to ensure that while […]

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2017-06-03 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Two kinds of alarmism

I just listened to a podcast that described (or, if you prefer, caricatured) climate alarmism this way. The purpose of alarmism is to make you fearful and anxious. Once you’re fearful you will pay — maybe by giving up your liberties, maybe by suffering some inconveniences, maybe through increased taxes, etc. The people that you […]

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2017-06-01 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
My question about the Paris agreement …

… is how we got into a situation where Obama could get us in and Trump could get us out. Isn’t the Senate supposed to ratify treaties? I guess that’s the downside of the imperial presidency. The next imperator can undo your work.

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