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2017-10-18 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Obama High School

I just saw a headline that a school named after Jefferson Davis is going to be renamed for Obama. But in 2035, there will be a movement to eliminate all references to anyone who ever opposed same-sex marriage, so it will have to be renamed again.

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2017-10-17 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Until they turn on you

Anyone who claims to be surprised that there are abusive creeps in Hollywood immediately loses any credibility. Think about it for a minute. If you were an abusive creep, wouldn’t you want to be in a position where thousands of gorgeous young women were desperate to get your stamp of approval on their career? Or, […]

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2017-10-16 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
The internet that cried “me too”?

People have taken to posting “me too” on their Facebook pages so the rest of us can see how widespread a problem we have. This latest social media outrage was allegedly inspired from a tweet by Alyssa Milano. “If all the women and men who have been sexually harassed, assaulted or abused wrote ‘me too’ […]

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2017-10-16 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Does universal healthcare stifle innovation?

This is a thought experiment. I don’t know how this sort of thing plays out in the real world. Imagine there’s some disease called mancer. It kills 10,000 people a year, and there’s no effective treatment. Now imagine a doctor comes up with a treatment, but the treatment costs $20 million. Scenario 1 — No […]

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Pigweed sent along this link: Gender stereotypes are destroying girls, and they’re killing boys You know the drill. “Toxic masculinity.” The worst thing you can tell a boy is to be a man. Blah blah blah. When the Cajun Navy hooked up their bass boats, drove 400 miles and went house to house to rescue […]

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2017-10-13 :: Greg Krehbiel // General

I am, often unfortunately, a Washington Redskins fan. So this morning when I saw a man wearing a burgundy and gold #17 jersey, I knew that was the number worn by both Billy Kilmer and Doug Williams, who led the Redskins to win Super Bowl XXII. (Are you allowed to say Super Bowl 22, or […]

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2017-10-12 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
The end of the Boy Scouts?

The Boy Scouts (sic) has decided to admit girls. Is that only girls who identify as boys, or …. I was only a Boy Scout for a short time, and I’m no expert, but this seems like their death spiral just entered into a sharp downward phase. Boys don’t want to be in a club […]

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2017-10-10 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
“Blaming the victim”

If some powerful man is harassing women at work, or women who are looking for career advancement, or deals, or whatever it is, and he’s trading sex for favors, then I think most people can agree that he’s in the wrong. To what extent do the women who gain such favors share in the blame? […]

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2017-10-10 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Economics for non-rational actors?

I haven’t read too much about this, so consider this a top of mind comment. Based on some things I’ve skimmed the last few days, Richard Thaler just won the Nobel Prize for his work showing that people are far from the “rational actors” they are (allegedly) assumed to be in standard economics. I’ve read […]

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2017-10-10 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Even a brief respite …

… can break you of bad habits. I took a short (2-day) backpacking trip this past weekend with my daughter. I came back with a very different perspective on all the silly things that normally engage my mind. What are some other ways you find helpful to get out of your own head? Here are […]

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2017-10-05 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Those evil Democrats

More than 50 people killed, and more than 500 wounded, and they have the raw nerve to suggest that maybe we should do something about it! The problem, of course, is that most of the proposed “solutions” aren’t solutions at all. (How would getting rid of silencers change anything?) What we need is an honest […]

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2017-10-03 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Picking on Facebook

You might like this: Is Facebook a media company, and why does it matter?

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2017-10-03 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Paglia on Hefner

This is interesting. Camille Paglia on Hugh Hefner’s Legacy, Trump’s Masculinity and Feminism’s Sex Phobia

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Conservatives love to cite the example of JFK, who cut tax rates on the wealthy and increased total revenue. The theory is that they invest that money back in the economy, create jobs, etc., which causes more overall economic activity, so while the government is taking a smaller slice of the pie, there’s a bigger […]

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I realize this is an entirely self-contradictory — or maybe self-condemning — post. Recently I’ve been reflecting on how odd it is to think that what’s going on inside my head matters in any way at all. What I do matters. If a butterfly’s wing can cause a hurricane (not sure I believe that, but […]

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2017-09-28 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Okay, solar energy, do your thing

From the news reports I’ve heard, Puerto Rico’s energy infrastructure is a disaster and large parts of it need to be rebuilt. What a perfect time to transition the island to clean, righteous, wonderful, cheap solar power! They get plenty of sunlight in Puerto Rico, so … what’s the problem? The problem is that solar […]

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2017-09-28 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Governor Hogan, no more toll roads!

Maryland has a huge problem with infrastructure. We haven’t been building nearly enough roads, and this has been going on for decades. The backlog is tremendous, and Maryland residents suffer for it every day. Fortunately, Governor Hogan wants to build new roads to ease this problem. Unfortunately, he wants to make them toll roads. Respectfully, […]

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2017-09-28 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
“Computer, play some early Jethro Tull”

I used to think it would be cool if I could come home from work, open the front door and say, “Computer, play a random selection of early Jethro Tull, and focus on the acoustic stuff.” Google Home and Amazon Echo are getting close to that. It would also be cool to have your music […]

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2017-09-28 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
“Trump does not do diplomatic-speak”

Here’s an interesting perspective on Trump and North Korea. (Thanks to Dave for the link.) Ready for This? North Korea Reaches Out to GOP to Understand Trump As if the GOP understands him, right? Here’s the original from Business Insider Trump “might be irrational — or too smart,” the North Korean Pak Song Il told […]

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What if conservative players decided to protest gay marriage by … I don’t know … making kissy faces during the anthem? What if Catholic players decided to incessantly cross themselves during the anthem? What if, instead of putting their hand on their heart, players decided to put their hands over their eyes as a protest […]

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