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Trump stirred up the media again yesterday by saying there was fault on both sides in Charlottesville. He might have had somebody like this — one of the counter protesters — in mind. Does it look to you like he was intending to engage in civil public discourse? The counter protesters brought balloons filled with […]

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2017-08-15 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
I said ye are gods

There’s an attitude I’m seeing in posts the last couple days. (Not here.) I might summarize it like this. You must love what I love and hate what I hate. You must condemn what I condemn, when I want you to condemn it, in the words I want you to use, without any distractions, ifs, […]

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Social pressure is what keeps most people from doing or saying rude, obnoxious stuff. Generally speaking, that’s a very good thing. But social pressure also causes people to be silent in the face of horrible injustices, like the people who would not speak out against the Klan, or the Nazis. Just recently we have two […]

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2017-08-14 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Tweeting sermons?

This is weird. In Germany, Churchgoers Are Encouraged To Tweet From The Pews Also, we’re coming up on 500 years since good old Brother Martin nailed his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg. What should happen to celebrate? The RCC should allow married men to become priests, thus solidifying the Lutheran victory. (They’ve […]

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2017-08-14 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
My media prediction for the week

The left-leaning media, and leftists on social media, will be keen this week to associate the alt-right with Nazis. I’m not sure what to make of it. I don’t trust the left-leaning media to treat the story fairly, so where am I supposed to get an accurate description of the alt-right? One so-called leader of […]

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We’ve come a long way. To set the record straight, I don’t think Trump’s erratic, sometimes crazy rhetoric means that he’s crazy enough to launch a large-scale nuclear attack on N. Korea, so please consider this post as a theoretical matter, not something I’m worried about. (I specifically said “large-scale nuclear attack” because one thing […]

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2017-08-11 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
“Woke,” “Red Pill,” “Born Again”

I’m an intentionally and obstinately un hip person. I avoid using new words and phrases. I don’t think I’ve ever said, “my bad,” for example. (And that’s not even new.) I don’t know why, but such things mildly annoy me. It’s too lemming-like. (And yes, I know lemmings don’t do that.) So “woke” would have […]

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2017-08-09 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
It’s not just carbon, folks

Dave sent this along: Send This Story to Everyone You Know Who Drives an Electric Car. It links to a Daily Mail article with this subhead. Child miners aged four living a hell on Earth so YOU can drive an electric car: Awful human cost in squalid Congo cobalt mine that Michael Gove didn’t consider […]

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2017-08-09 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Misrepresentations of the Google story

I’ll post two. Feel free to post others as you see them. It’s rather astonishing that people think they can get away with this stuff when we can read the actual document. Wired characterized the memo as “against workplace diversity.” Salon said the author encouraged Google to “accept these biological differences and assign men and […]

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2017-08-08 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Why should an ethnic group get a homeland?

Here’s an interesting article — The case for Kurdistan. The Kurds … are the largest ethnic group in the world without a state to call their own. It is time to change that. Why does the one follow from the other? Why should an ethnic group have a homeland? The reason is somewhat obvious, right? […]

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2017-08-08 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
“Harmful stereotypes”

Is it possible for something to be a “harmful stereotype” and also true? For example, if reliable studies (if we can suspend disbelief about such things) were to show that “women are generally more cooperative and agreeable than men,” would that be a “harmful stereotype”? (And for extra credit, who is being harmed by that […]

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2017-08-08 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Best use of QED ever?

QED means “what was to be demonstrated,” or, more colloquially, “yeah, you just proved my point.” Google was practically begging for this. Will Google suffer any consequences from this craziness? (In case you haven’t heard, Google fired the author of a memo that criticized their gender and diversity policies. If you want to read the […]

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Yesterday I heard an interesting conversation about affirmative action, and all the ways universities measure applicants. It’s not just grades and SAT scores. They include race, but they also include sex, age, geography, community involvement, and a lot of other things. The idea is that the university is enriched by having people from different backgrounds. […]

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2017-08-04 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
How to lie with wage statistics

There’s an interesting insight in this article that makes me doubt the usefulness of aggregated wage statistics: Why America’s Wages Are Barely Rising. If you look at an average of all the wages of everybody in the country, that figure hasn’t been increasing the way it has in the past. That’s a bad thing, right? […]

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The interaction between Jim Acosta and Stephen Miller in the video on this page is amusing and very telling. Fox anchor on Miller: ‘Don’t put that guy in front of cameras again’ And Fox News host Eric Bolling has it completely wrong. Put Miller out there 24-7. The guy is razor sharp.

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2017-08-02 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Why is healthcare so special?

A recurring meme in the national chattering about healthcare is that Congress should get the same healthcare that everybody else gets. So if Congress gets gold-plated healthcare, everybody else should, and if we have to get Obamacare, so should Congress. Why? Why doesn’t this apply to other perks Congressmen get? Should everyone in America get […]

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2017-08-01 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Numbers on media bias (or not)

The Washington Post tells us Another conservative House Republican calls on Mueller to resign. Which raises the question, how often do they specify that a House member is conservative vs. how often do they specify that a House member is liberal? I often wonder this when I listen to NPR. They seem to take great […]

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I saw some lame diatribe on Facebook about how movies objectify women. The video was complaining about how women are more often portrayed naked, or more often portrayed without their faces (e.g., focusing on their legs or figure). I don’t dispute the concept. It was just incredibly lame and full of silly / questionable assumptions. […]

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2017-08-01 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
A rebirth of the printed page?

You might be interested in this post from my publishing blog: How Alexa and Google Glass will revive print publishing

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2017-07-31 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Did NATO provoke Russia?

As we slide back to a 1980s style of relationship between the U.S. and Russia, I think it’s fair to ask whether the U.S. provoked Russia by adding new countries to NATO. I’m not trying to defend Putin, but I think we need to realize that we’re not entirely faultless in the increased tension between […]

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