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2017-04-28 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
The secularization thesis takes a punch

I heard an interesting story on NPR this morning. Recent research is calling into question the widely believed theory that modernization leads to secularization. It has always seemed to me this thesis is mostly “me so smart” arrogance / ignorance from secularists. “Education” is often associated with a lack of faith because “education” in modern […]

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2017-04-27 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Neanderthals (or Denisovans) in America?

I’ve always thought it strange that humans made it to Australia quite a long time ago, but only came to America relatively recently. There’s some new evidence that might indicate that humans — or possibly human ancestors — came here far earlier. It’s sketchy at this point, but it will be interesting to follow. Could […]

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2017-04-27 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Nip it in the bud, men

I’ve noticed a pattern with older couples. The women increasingly infantilize their husbands — assuming they can’t make basic life decisions, minding their every move, questioning everything they do. Sometimes it degenerates into outright insults. It’s not universal (what is?) but I’ve seen it so often I believe it’s some kind of natural progression. Men […]

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2017-04-27 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
“Why can’t you just ….?”

Sorry for the inactivity here of late. I was away on business, digging into the boring back-end processes of the publishing world. You probably wouldn’t expect it, but the details of managing subscription publications can get crazy complicated. I mean stupid, crazy, unbelievably complicated. It’s not rocket science, it’s just lots of really weird details. […]

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Imagine a culture where it’s expected and understood that women will sleep with the boss to get the job. It’s just the way things work and everybody knows it. (There are places in the world today where that is true.) Then imagine that the culture shifts and they decide that’s not a good way to […]

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2017-04-19 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Fake news, anyone?

This is just too funny. When liberals complain about fake news from Breitbart and such, conservatives think of this sort of thing. When you click on that small type you see this. The idea of the New York Times complaining about fake news makes me laugh. At least they had the decency to clear things […]

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2017-04-19 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Stopping psychopaths before they kill

There is a very controversial passage in the law of Moses requiring the death penalty for disobedient children. Bible haters try to caricature this as executing kids who don’t clean their room, or who stay up after bed time, but it has a much more serious message that’s very relevant today. The passage reads as […]

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2017-04-18 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
It’s time to start busting up FANG

My number one political principle is that no one can be trusted with power, so power should be distributed as widely as possible and the people with power should be watched like a hawk. That doesn’t only apply to government. It also applies to private industry — to businesses, unions, associations, even churches. When government […]

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2017-04-17 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Trump’s taxes

It’s looking more and more like Donald Trump isn’t going to release his taxes. I can’t blame him. I’m not saying he’s right. He said he would release them, and there is a strong argument to be made for transparency in government. For example, if they ever get to tax reform, it would be good […]

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2017-04-17 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
The stupidity of tax brackets

I was just reading an article at NPR on public misconceptions about tax rates, the main point of which is that public perception doesn’t match reality. (Is that a surprise?) My reaction to the story is very different. Why do we have national tax brackets at all? The problem with a national tax bracket is […]

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A friend sent me this interesting article from the NYT: The Evangelical Roots of Our Post-Truth Society. It’s a hard thing to do at times, but it’s very important to forget the headline before you read an article. The headline is often written after the fact by somebody else (not the author of the article), […]

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I was discussing international politics and such with somebody who knows way more than I do on the subject. I said I don’t like this idea that Trump can just cast bombs here and there without a declaration of war, and somewhere in the discussion I said something to the effect that every country has […]

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2017-04-13 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Bill de Blasio is an ass

The artist who created “charging bull” in New York doesn’t like the defiant little girl they’ve put in front of it. He says it distorts the meaning of his art. I’ve never much liked this “you’re destroying my art” thing — mostly, I’m sure, because I don’t really “get” art — but I realize there’s […]

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From the “clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right” school of thought, there are two extremes to avoid when it comes to making assumptions about reading other people. The clown assumes that he can tell what other people are thinking by their expressions and manners, while the joker thinks you can’t tell […]

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2017-04-12 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
The United Airlines story

I tend to avoid stories like this. If it’s the trendy story everybody’s talking about, my curmudgeonly side asserts itself and I look the other way. I didn’t follow the O.J. trial, for example. (I am so oblivious to these popular stories that I originally posted this as “The American Airlines story.”) Consequently, I don’t […]

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2017-04-11 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Better to live in a desert

I have never understood men who put up with this. Women Who Emotionally Abuse Men Nip it in the bud, men, or it will become this.

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2017-04-10 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
The U.N. vs. Putin

A somewhat random thought about the various troubles in the world. 1. Think of the kind of a man who becomes a leader at the U.N. 2. Now think of the kind of a man who becomes the leader of Russia, or China, or Ukraine. The former is somebody who wants to get along and […]

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The more I think about it, the less I like it. There is one good thing to be said about it, which is that it shows resolve. Obama had a reputation — at home and abroad — of not liking the military and being too tentative. It projected weakness. Trump is definitely not projecting weakness. […]

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2017-04-07 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Is mandatory bisexuality next on the agenda?

Yes, of course that sounds ridiculous, but it might be the next logical step for some common ideas about equality. Let’s start with gentlemen’s clubs. So-called women’s advocates objected to all-male clubs because a lot of business is done at those clubs. If women are excluded, they are disadvantaged. I was going to say please […]

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I don’t want another stupid war in the Middle East. The older I get, the more I like my outlandish suggestion at the lunch table in high school, which was to build a huge dome over the Middle East with an oil pipeline coming out and arms going in. Once they sort things out among […]

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