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Which is it? Is Trump a dictator, or a clown who can’t get anything done? Up until now, both options were on the table, and Trump’s adversaries could pick the one that seemed to work at the moment. He’s Hitler for a while, but then he’s incompetent. (Or maybe he’s still Hitler, just an incompetent […]

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2017-03-24 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
The big fail

Trump and the Republicans campaigned on repealing and replacing Obamacare, and today they have taken a big face plant in the mud.

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2017-03-24 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
The anniversary of the bombing of Serbia

Today is the 18th anniversary of the bombing of Serbia. I don’t pretend to know all the geopolitics behind it. I just assume that since Bill Clinton was behind it, it was stupid. I saw a link to this video of a Serbian air-raid siren, which I’m told is showing up in some people’s Facebook […]

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2017-03-24 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
How Russia benefits from all these leaks

I have no way of knowing how involved the Russian government has been in any of the leaks and hacks and whatnot that have been going on these past months and years. But it’s clear to me that Russia is benefiting a great deal from them, no matter who is behind them. Consider this quote […]

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2017-03-23 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Why we don’t trust the media

Yesterday’s terror attack (almost certainly by a devotee of the religion of peace) is a sad but poignant reminder of why Americans don’t trust the media. When something like this happens, we all know what’s going on. Large parts of the media are hoping — desperately hoping — that the attacker is not a Muslim, […]

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2017-03-22 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
The Rockville rape

A local story has become national. A 14-year old girl was raped in her high school by two fellow students, one 17 and one 18. At least one of the alleged perps was in the country illegally, and was previously detained by ICE. (Why wasn’t he sent home?) This story fuels the ongoing idea that […]

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2017-03-20 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
The surveillance state and Trump Tower

I think the explanation of Trump’s wiretap claim is very simple. He was sick of the media running with an unsubstantiated story about collusion between his campaign and Russia, so he changed the story. If they can make an unsubstantiated claim, so can he. Some conservative outlets were making the case that Obama had ordered […]

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2017-03-17 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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2017-03-16 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
If you had to pay for your news …

The discussion on ad blockers got me wondering — if the ad-supported model completely fell apart, and websites all started charging for content, which websites would I be willing to pay for? (I realize this is an over-simplification. Websites have many more revenue opportunities than simply ads or paid subscriptions.) The thing is, most of […]

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2017-03-15 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Is using an ad blocker theft?

A man I respect a great deal recently suggested that I tell my friends that when they use an ad blocker they are stealing food out of my childrens’ mouths. (My kids buy their own food most of the time these days, but you get the point.) There are a lot of expenses involved in […]

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2017-03-15 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Trump’s tax return genius

I’m pretty sure Trump has just played Rachel Maddow for a fool. Isn’t it odd that the one bit of Trump’s taxes anybody knows about is almost ancient history (from 2005), and shows him paying a lot in taxes? More (as a percentage) than Obama. More than Bernie Sanders. It seems very convenient. It’s as […]

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This is an interesting article. Emotions are not universal – we build them for ourselves I’m not sure how much I believe his take on the non-universality of emotions, but my main takeaway from the article is the subject line I chose for this post. If you learn to label emotional states more carefully, you […]

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2017-03-14 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Weather forecasts and the business of news

I’m watching the disappointing snow / sleet mix in Maryland today and reflecting on my observation that snow around here is almost always less than the weathermen predict. Why is that? I realize weather is hard to predict. One of my science teachers liked to say that the only thing more complicated than weather is […]

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I got into a minor discussion of global warming with somebody on Twitter. As you know, if you’ve paid any attention at all to the topic, if a skeptic cites anybody other than a “climate scientist,” that’s considered unfair. The only opinions that matter are from scientists working in the field. (Like Professor Al Gore, […]

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2017-03-13 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
A new version of EST?

In looking through some of my draft posts I decided to clean this one off and post it. I started it last year, but I’ve edited it today. Start with this short post from Scott Adams: Blowing Your Mind – as Promised. Then read the article he links to: What If Evolution Bred Reality Out […]

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2017-03-13 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
A funny quote from Wooster

Bertram Wooster often finds himself in the odd position of giving advice to his chums on love and women. (It’s odd because Wooster doesn’t have a very good track record — unless you count getting engaged against his will on numerous occasions to be good experience.) In an episode I was watching the other night […]

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2017-03-13 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
“Education” on display

I suspect these students have not learned to think because they haven’t been challenged with any ideas outside their liberal bubble.

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2017-03-10 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
Meat on Fridays

It’s Lent, so Catholics are supposed to avoid meat on Fridays. I don’t care about that rule and don’t follow it, which leads to weird family issues. E.g., when I offer to make lunch or dinner and forget that other people are trying to avoid meat. I think it’s a silly rule, so it just […]

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When you dislike a female politician, it’s not because of her politics, it’s because she’s a woman. Oh … excuse me, I got that wrong. When you dislike a female liberal politician, it’s not because of her politics, it’s because she’s a woman. We know that because … well … because all right-thinking people know […]

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2017-03-08 :: Greg Krehbiel // General
No, it’s not fair

I went out to get a banana and I saw a decent-looking, well-dressed guy kissing an unattractive woman. It reminded me of something my sister said at dinner when I was a lad. She said that if you see an attractive woman with an unattractive man, you think, “He must be nice.” (She should have […]

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