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by Crowhill on 1 July 2016

It’s all free. Today, and possibly tomorrow (Saturday). Please share this on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever. Read, recommend, review, etc. Thanks. Plus, at the very bottom of this post, a special offer.

Title: Merlin's Last Days

Summary: Born of a mysterious and powerful woman from an ancient line of pagan rulers, Merrell Anthony believes that it's his destiny to put Arthur Pendragon on the emperor’s throne in Rome and set the world on a more secure path. Being born in 1965 must not get in his way. When Marianne Gallagher storms into Merrell’s life at a small college town in Pennsylvania, she exhibits hints of the same gift that allows Merrell to project his mind into the body of a 6th century druid as Merlin the Mage. As Merrill and Marianne carry on an illicit love affair, tensions grow from their contradictory views on the future of the Pendragon -- and the proper path for all humanity. (Note: this book is not suitable for children.)

Free today

Title: The Hidden Village

Summary: This exciting urban fantasy is set in and around Washington, D.C. Geof Franklin gets the late-night call every parent fears. His son's car has been involved in a serious accident and Alek has gone missing. As Geof looks for clues to his son's whereabouts, he uncovers two mysterious "worlds within worlds" right in the middle of the city. Hidden Village, a fun and engaging computer game, turns out to be the doorway to a system of dangerous clans. The clansmen are people with very rare abilities and personal characteristics who live their own secretive lives, by their own rules, and think nothing of breaking the law or the people who get in their way.

Free today

Title: The Intruder

Summary: Jeremy Mitchell is a refugee from a separatist, anti-technology
community who is a fish out of water in the high-tech society of the 21st century.
He recklessly plunges himself into his new environment and finds himself caught in
a confusing web of technology and intrigue. Powerful forces try to make him a pawn
in a contest between rival intelligence organizations, but he doesn't play along
with their game and makes his own rules. His loyalties are tested by a budding
love affair with a young college student, who, along with her computer geek
girlfriend, are unintentionally pulled into the conflict.

Free today

Title: Eggs are Expensive, Sperm is Cheap: 50 Politically Incorrect Thoughts for Men

Summary: When it comes to love, sex, dating and marriage, the world has gone crazy.
The modern view is both stupid and destructive, but it's rarely questioned. It's thrown in our
faces from every angle and has so infiltrated our culture that we don't even recognize it. We
just breathe it in with the air. Eggs are Expensive, Sperm is Cheap asks young men to stop and think about it for a while, and presents a completely different view of how the sexes should relate.

Free today

Title: Beginner's Guide to Home Brewing - Expanded 2nd Edition

Summary: This beginner's introduction to home brewing is not for the beer geeks or
the brewing technicians. It's not for the persnickety, or the obsessive compulsive
worrier. This book is for the beginner -- for the person who wants a relaxing, easy
introduction to one of the better hobbies on the planet.

This expanded 2nd edition covers everything you need to know about extract and
all-grain brewing, and includes an impressive list of recipes you can try at home.

Free today

Title: The Five Lives of John and Jillian

Summary: Cross The Time Traveler's Wife with a classic Alfred Hitchcock movie, add the concept of a multiverse and you have an idea what to expect in The Five Lives of John and Jillian.
What would happen to star-crossed lovers in an alternate universe? John and Jillian seem destined to cross paths and fall in love, but every time they meet the story is different, and malevolent forces intervene to keep them apart.

In The Witch's Promise, cynical John meets and falls in love with a beautiful Wiccan. His orderly, rational world comes apart as he's confronted with a world of tarot card readings, pagan revelries,
waking dreams and visions. In The Witch's Bastard their relationship takes a turn for the worst and John struggles to keep his distance and his sanity. What God Has Bent takes us to happier times in the lives of the young lovers, but a dangerous secret from Jillian's past threatens to derail their future together. In Pipe Dreams, John is sliding into depression and alcoholism from his grief over the death of his love. Now the mysterious discovery of his grandfather's pipe has awakened something in his mind and he's begun to have lucid dreams, which have progressed to daytime visions that threaten to drive him mad. Can he find the secret of the pipe and reunite with Jillian? A Collision of Worlds wraps up the stories with John and Jillian seemingly enjoying a happy marriage, but a secret force conspires to drive them apart. And Jillian's life is on the line.

Free today

Title: Escape to Mars

Summary: Billy Chen and Amber Harris are two 10-year olds who, along with their
parents, steal a ride on a next-gen space shuttle to avoid the impending destruction of Earth.
Billy's father, a particle physicist, believes he has accidentally created a black hole.
To save humanity, a team of six adults and two children are rushed off to Mars to start
a new colony. This story is exciting and fun -- and age-appropriate for young kids!

Free today

Title: Awkward Ollie and the Stolen Banana

Summary: Mix a weird boy who mutters, can't stand up straight and has no friends with a vindictive, nasty girl and what do you get? Spells, curses, trouble with the principal, detention, and ... a trip to the hospital. Ollie is the weird kid in middle school that nobody wants to talk to ... or even be seen with. Cindy is a troublemaker, and she's decided to cast a curse on some of the teachers at school. She's decided to drag Ollie into her mischief by forcing Ollie to steal a banana for her so she can work her magic. But in the process, Ollie and Cindy discover something funny about curses.

Free today

Title: Pipe Dreams

Summary: Pipe Dreams is an urban fantasy / psychological thriller set
in and around Washington, D.C. When John Matthews starts smoking his grandfather's
pipe he starts to see visions of his dead wife, Jillian. Is he going insane, or has he
discovered a dark family secret? (Pipe Dreams is one of the five stories included in The Five Lives of John and Jillian.)

Free today

Title: The Inner Voice

Summary: Al knows exactly what Johnson is up to, and he isn't
going to allow him to get away with it any longer. This human cancer
has to be stopped before he ruins even more lives. Justice has to be
done. But Al has to move carefully. Purchases for the job need to
be discreet, and untraceable. He needs to learn how to make his
own weapons that will leave no evidence at the scene of the crime.
All the while, the tech guys at the office are watching, ... and Al
wonders if he'll ever resolve his inner turmoil.

Free today

Title: Patriarch

Summary: In the dystopian future behind this story, men can't go to
college, work white collar jobs, or even own books. They do all the
hard and dangerous work that keeps the economy moving, while a select
few of the most gifted women rule society and lead ostentatious lives
of privilege. Other women are left to breed. Sam isn't the kind of
guy to take this lying down.

Free today

If you’ve made it this far, I have one more giveaway that I can’t post on Kindle because of copyright issues, but I think — in the context of fan fiction — I can just give it away here. It’s a Wooster and Jeeves story.

Jeeves and the Smart Phone

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“If you want to be a doctor …”

by Crowhill on 1 July 2016

What happened to the idea of personal freedom? Seriously.

We tell bakers that if they want to bake, they have to bake things that are offensive to them.

We tell pharmacists and doctors that if they want to enter the profession, they have to prescribe drugs or do procedures that they don’t agree with.

Where did we get these crazy ideas? Aren’t people free any more?

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Our enemies are terrified

by Crowhill on 30 June 2016

Pentagon ends transgender ban

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The white man’s burden, part 2

by Crowhill on 29 June 2016

The elephant in the economy: A graph explaining Trump and working-class woe

Globalization has benefited almost everybody, except for the middle- and working class in wealthy countries. They had previously received a subsidy of sorts: being born in the U.S. Globalization opened up the U.S. working class to competition from the global middle class. This has benefited the global middle class and hurt the U.S. working class.

How could that not have happened?

A low-skilled laborer in 1970’s America was doing for $10,000 what an unskilled laborer in India would have been happy to do for $500. (I just made up those numbers, but you get the point.)

As trade increased, it was inevitable that the American worker would compete with the Indian worker, driving the Indian’s standard of living up and the American’s down.

In other words, the world’s standard of living is getting better at the expense of the middle class in the developed world.

As I see it, that was completely predictable and inevitable. But should steps have been taken to lessen the harm?

I think so. I don’t know exactly how that should be done, but I think it’s appropriate that when the country benefits from trade, the people harmed by it should be made right.

Of course the same thing is going to happen when the robots take all our jobs.

P.S. — I’m sure somebody is going to object to my title to this post. “What do you mean? It’s not just white people who are being hurt!” Of course it’s not. But everybody says it’s only poor, angry white people who are voting for Trump, hence the title of this post.

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Does church cure “Bitchy resting face”?

by Crowhill on 28 June 2016

Instapundit links to this article — Why are Modern Women Angry? — which cites the (I hope) well-known fact that women have been getting progressively less happy for the last few decades.

All that feminism hasn’t done much for them, apparently.

Or maybe there’s another explanation.

The article tells how modern women experience so much anger, resentment, bitterness, disappointment, and even rage. The article speaks of the “paradox of progress.

The more we make giant advances in science, communications, medicine and technology, the more people complain.

I think there’s a relatively simply explanation for this. All these things — unjust anger, resentment, bitterness — are what we used to call sins.

See to it that no one comes short of the grace of God; that no root of bitterness springing up causes trouble, and by it many be defiled

Past generations were taught the moral duty to be thankful, to count their blessings, to be cheerful in the face of adversity, to bear up under suffering, to think of others ahead of themselves, etc.

Where do people get that sort of instruction now?

Honestly, they don’t even get it in church that much. Modern preachers are only slightly north of useless, in my opinion.

It’s well known that modernity and progress tend to erode religion and church-going, and it seems to be a downward spiral. When church is less valued and fewer people go, the size and quality of the pool of ministerial candidates diminishes, which makes church even less appealing, etc.

Could it be that women are less happy today because nobody has the moral courage to tell them to shut up about themselves and quit bellyaching?

Men too, of course, but for whatever reason the problem seems to be more pronounced among women.

Along these lines, here’s a funny video.

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Bigots who cry bigotry

by Crowhill on 28 June 2016

There’s this theory floating around that people who hate themselves for something — e.g., for their attraction to people of the same sex — often lash out at people who share that something. We’ve seen that sort of explanation for the Orlando shooting. People say he was a self-loathing homosexual.

If we follow the same logic, it seems that a lot of folk on the left are self-loathing bigots. William McGurn makes a persuasive case for this in Who’s the Xenophobe Now?

The idea [in much of the press] is that the British — in particular, the older, more rural and working-class voters — rejected an enlightened arrangement with Europe because they are either too stupid or too blinded by their own ignorance and prejudice to understand how good a deal this is for them.

A question: How does this view of the majority of the British people — as a form of alien life with disgusting beliefs unfit for polite society — differ in substance from the view a bigoted British bricklayer might have toward the immigrants living in his midst?

We can construct a difference between these examples, thus. The imagined bricklayer is allegedly against the immigrant simply because he’s an immigrant and not because of anything he’s done or said, while the “enlightened” who look down with contempt on the “common people” are judging them for precisely what they’re doing and saying.

But this is a bogus explanation.

First, the bricklayer is not against the immigrant simply because he’s an immigrant. That is an ugly and ignorant distortion of what he’s against. He’s against having so many immigrants that they threaten his livelihood. He may also be against immigrants who want to change British culture rather than assimilate into it.

This weekend I was watching a little of “Hell on Wheels,” which is a show about the railroad moving west. The left can easily understand that the Sioux didn’t want invaders to change their way of life. Why can’t they extend the same understanding to Brits?

Second, the “enlightened” aren’t really judging the pro-Brexit folk for what they’re doing and saying. They’re judging them for the caricature they’ve constructed in their own minds. They rush to their favorite words — intolerance, bigotry, fascism, etc. — as a substitute for taking the time to understand the pro Brexit arguments.

Putting forth the effort to understand the other side’s argument used to be a hallmark of education, intelligence, culture, breeding and whatnot. Nowadays, yelling “hater” is.

Could it be that this is a way to compensate for their hatred of their own intolerance, bigotry and fascism?

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Can it get any more insane than this?

by Crowhill on 28 June 2016

Abortion is such a sacred rite, according to the left, that access to abortion is more important than making it safe. We can regulate safety at nail salons, but not abortion clinics.

I have long believed that to be pro choice is to lose a very important part of your soul. If you’re a lawyer defending it, it also requires you to lose part of your mind.

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Should we still believe in Democracy?

by Crowhill on 27 June 2016

There’s been a lot of criticism of voters in the general freak out over Brexit. I’ve seen video interviews of people who voted one way or the other for completely idiotic reasons, and there’s the widely reported fact that Brits were searching “what is the EU” after the vote. It’s quite plain that the decision was put in the hands of a lot of people who weren’t in possession of all the facts.

A lot of people seem to be re-thinking democracy. As they should.

“One idiot, one vote” is clearly not the way to make decisions. At least not some of them. And that’s the point.

Democracy has its place. There are times for voting. There are other times when voting isn’t the best choice. For example, can you imagine a general vote on whether we should fund a particular weapons system? We might end up arming our soldiers with guns that fire rubber bullets.

I’m not entirely sure whether a popular vote on Brexit was the right thing to do. The “leave” folk were complaining about unaccountable, unelected bureaucrats in the EU. If elected leaders won’t bring such troublemakers to heel, who will?

The larger issue is having a rational discussion about the uses and abuses of such popular votes. If the Brexit freakout causes people to question the utility of referenda to solve complicated political questions, that’s a good thing. If it causes people to want to hand over more and more decisions to “experts,” maybe not.

The hard question is where to draw the line between the two.

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The art of the deal?

by Crowhill on 27 June 2016

In the comments below on the George Will post, I mention the possibility of a compromise — the GOP gets some concessions from Trump in exchange for their support.

For example, the party could condition their support in the election on having some say in his VP and cabinet picks.

Let’s see if Trump is the epic dealmaker he pretends to be.

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Has George Will lost his mind?

by Crowhill on 26 June 2016

George Will leaves the GOP over Trump

I don’t fault him for leaving the Republican Party. IMO he’s late to that decision. I left it a long time ago.

No, the reason I think he’s lost his mind is this.

“This is not my party,” he said in a speech on Friday, arguing that a President Hillary Clinton frustrated by a Republican Congress would be a preferable outcome to the 2016 election than a President Donald Trump given a free hand to rule as he pleases.

He’s creating a false dilemma. Who says Trump has to be given a “free hand to rule as he pleases”?

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