“Socialism for me and capitalism for thee”?

I certainly don’t agree with everything in this article, and the writer needs a decent editor, but it’s an interesting read. The Politics of Ingratitude.

Here’s the meat.

What our parents gave us as a gift we have received as an entitlement. No one is not grateful for an entitlement.

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  1. pentamom:

    “No one is not grateful for an entitlement”? Is there an extra “not” in there?

  2. Greg Krehbiel:

    I said he needed an editor, didn’t I?

  3. pentamom:

    Yeah, but without reading the article, it was impossible to tell whether he was making a really provocative counter-intuitive point, or just couldn’t control his negatives. ;-)

  4. John K:

    I’m not quite sure he really understands Keynes either.

    But I do agree with much of what he says. How many of the people calling for free market capitalism would really like it if they got it? Very, very few, I’ll bet.