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Hooking up “smart”?

by Greg Krehbiel on 6 May 2013

I found this really funny. In a sad way, of course.

Defining the relationship, the easy way.

Apparently after having abandoned that silly, outdated, old-fashioned notion of “no sex before marriage,” women today are having a hard time defining exactly where to draw the line. Some want to change it to “no sex before monogamy,” but they’re not sure how they can know when that happens.

So the genius advice-giver at the website I link above says women need to “define the relationship” with something along the lines of “I won’t hook up with anyone who’s seeing other people. Are you?”

Well …. It’s an improvement, I suppose, in the way that a three-legged horse is an improvement on a two-legged horse.

This kind of thing makes me suspect that a functional definition of “modernism” is “the tendency to abandon the tried and proven in favor of the untried and novel, and then get frustrated and bitter when it doesn’t work out.”

Anyway, the Georgia Satellites give a clue to a better way. And the song is catchy too.

-- 2013-05-06  »  Greg Krehbiel


  1. Ken Crawford
    6 May 2013 @ 4:49 pm

    I couldn’t help but laugh when reading that post. That proposed question is horrible. At a minimum, the “Are you?” needs to be a complete sentence “Are you seeing other people?”

    But going further, for the hookup minded, one could safely say “No, I’m not seeing other people” when they hooked up last weekend with a girl and have no intention of seeing her again.